Hammerhead Rabbits


He had the appearance of a badly carved stack of spam. Compressed 70%. Largely indifferent.

Bad spam

Excellent! Our Tv is breaking down. This is very good news.  It  would seem it is thoroughly broken. Buggered. This  is utterly wonderful. Marvellous! May we never have another television in this house again. The panic that surrounds me is palpable. Tangible. Edible. Fabulous. Now Ic an go to bed and sleep easy. No moore stinking TV in my life. No TV. BAN TV. (Oh Fuck! the video works)

Ban TV

The efforts of an individual to tell it as it happened. Pithy = Much matter few words. To Pettifog = To quibble about small points.


Why  do you do this? Why do you live like this? Why can't you feel?

Cock and bear

Begin. This word has a peculiar power. and you will never have a moment's  rest. and now  carry on.

Dog | Finch


Dog wants stick

Singing dog and happy worm

Dog and worm

These weren't even my clothes

I need you help

These weren't even my clothes

Material girl | Alpha boy

Soon. Someday.


Looked like a pishkan tailor and finally they got the chance


A strange day at the office.

Strange day