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I love building things and figuring out problems. I started my career working for the BBC and ITV in television production before learning web development. I’m also from a fine art background. I’m passionate about art and art theory. In development terms I straddle these different worlds and bring a sense of these in to each project I work on.

I’ve had to work in various different technologies over the years. At the moment I’m mainly using JavaScript, HTML and SASS but for this website I built myself a simple CMS in Laravel. In the past I’ve built things in CodeIgniter, ASP.Net and Flash.

Here are some websites I’ve designed and built for private clients. Corporate projects I’ve done over the past couple of years include work for Conran Design Group, Thomson Reuters, CBRE and Peugeot.

If you are a prospective employer feel free to take a look at my CV


I take a lot of photographs. I also travel fairly frequently, partially with a view to taking photographs of those places. There are a few recurring themes in my photography including:


I like piles of things. There. I said it. What are they there for though? Is something being built? Is something being destroyed? A pile of something is usually a sign of one or the other. I like that. But then I am a bit of a nerd.


Aspirationalism made plastic looking outward.

Humans plus nature

The countryside is good. It’s always interesting looking at the way humans interact with it.


In every museum I visit I love looking at the layout and details of the place. There’s a bit at the end of the film Russian Ark that talks about the Hermitage being an ark of the Russian identity. The soul of the Russian people is there. I always find myself taking this thought with me to all the galleries I visit.

I have an Instagram account. You can find that here: @rabbitdan


This is effectively my sketchbook. It features a mix of pen sketches, decorated pages from Mills and Boon, UI experiments, bits of writing, and other assorted brain farts.

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I find writing is a useful way of thinking. It helps me to organise my thoughts. A lot of my Masters was worked out on my blog. It’s been fairly quiet for most of the past few years.

About me

Dan Fone
  • I have been building websites for ten years and earning my living from it for eight.
  • I have a Masters in Digital Arts (distinction). Yay me.
  • I’ve cycled (very slowly) through the Alps. It would have been a lot easier without the 20kg of luggage. Maybe next time I’ll just take my toothbrush and a pair of pants.
  • I’m hard of hearing and wear two hearing aids. It’s not really that big a deal though.
  • I listen to a lot of music. Most of it is either drones, bleeps or sounds like things being kicked down a spiral staircase. Did I mention I’m hard of hearing?
  • I love both high and low culture. I’m generally not that bothered about the three for two table in Waterstone’s though.
  • I think Middlemarch is the greatest novel written in English.
  • Errr…